facilities at Dawood Public School
Infrastructure and Facilities

Four purpose-built school buildings meet the demands of each section; from the Play group to the A Level. Besides housing large, airy and spacious classrooms, open to the sky green atriums and wide corridors, the campus also accommodates and offers the following facilities.


DPS clinic provides basic medical aid to every student through a full time General Physician, who is responsible for regular health check-ups of all DPS students and maintenance of their computerized medical records. Consequently, she keeps a check on risk factors involved in the spread of any common infections, like Influenza, Mumps, Chicken Pox, etc. The DPS doctor also conducts and organizes awareness raising workshops, on maintaining a healthy life style, for students, faculty, staff and parents. Thus educating them on personal hygiene and common infection preventive and proactive measures, etc.

Student Counseling

Professional psychologists present at the campus provide ongoing and consistent counseling and support to the entire student body at DPS. Students are encouraged to face and deal with any emotional or learning complexities throughout their academic journey at DPS.

Libraries and Reading rooms

Students, teachers and other staff members enjoy and spend valuable time in two DPS libraries, which host a treasure of reading materials ranging from; encyclopedias, reference books, fiction, biographies and novels, books on technical information, leading journals, magazines and newsletters in both print and softcopy. Students and teachers both avail and enjoy internet facilities during school hours. Computer systems with internet facilities are also open to all its visitors.

Computer Laboratories

Professionally updated computerized laboratories expose students to hands-on experience, hence developing high order cognitive skills in them. Students and faculty also enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi facilities within the A-Level building.

Science Laboratories

Well equipped science laboratories meeting the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) standards promote experiential learning through application of concepts taught in class and are centers for Advance Subsidiary (AS) Level Cambridge International Practical Examination year after year.