A Level Fee Structure

The fee challan for the academic year will be issued according to the following schedule:

1st Fee Challan

for A2 Students (August and September)
Issue Date: 1st August
Due Date:   10th August

for AS Students (September)
Issue Date: 1st September
Due Date:   10th September

2nd Fee Challan (October and November)
Issue Date: 1st October
Due Date:   10th October

3rd Fee Challan (December and January) 
Issue Date:  1st December
Due Date:    10th December

CIE Registration (January)

4th Fee Challan (February and May) 
Issue Date:  1st February
Due Date:    10th February

5th Fee Challan (March and June) 
Issue Date:  1st March
Due Date:    10th March

6th Fee Challan (April and July) 
Issue Date:  1st April
Due Date:    10th April